Hey! Let's get acquainted​.


A body changing workout for every ​body.

Hey! Let's get acquainted​.


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Welcome to the Neighborhood

We're your local exercise studio with a neighborhood feel. We want you to show up and feel like you could ask to borrow a pair of grippy socks, much like you would borrow a cup of sugar. We know you here. You are welcome here.

You're Fit To Work Out Here

We're not a big box operation. We're a tight-knit community that knows you. You'll be surrounded by like-minded women that choose to celebrate physical strength, self care, and personal wellness goals.

Expect an approachable environment free from comparison.

Expect to be challenged physically, but also have the ability to work at your fitness level, with upper and lower modifications for any exercise.

Expect to be sore. Expect to surprise yourself. And expect to feel stronger, and see results quickly! Learn more about our 4 different classes here.
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Hey Neighbor!

 ​​​​​​​​​Hi I’m Kelly! I’m the owner of NB Nashville; a mom to two toddlers;  a wife to another small business owner; a pursuer of sweat and shaky muscles; and can usually be found trying the latest health fad (like kombucha, adaptagens, and CBD oil to name a current few.)

I enjoy a daily dose of coffee or matcha (with peptides of course); love to test recipes from my favorite Instagram bloggers (@llbalanced is my current obsession); indulging at the newest Nashville restaurants with my husband Victor (last date was Marsh House, check out L27 rooftop bar!); and playing referee between my son Knox and daughter Nola (yes, they're both named after cities near and dear to our hearts).

My background is a long career in corporate marketing, specifically event marketing, that had me burned out about 5 years ago. The one constant in my life that was my favorite pasttime was Neighborhood Barre in Knoxville. It got me through job stresses and woes; transitioning from newlyweds to first-time mom; and led me to my strongest body ever, surrounded by a group of women I'd never have met if it weren't for the friendly neighborhood vibe of the studio.

I learned quickly that barre is about challenging and empowering yourself, not competing with others. And the studio vibe was about celebrating the small victories both inside the studio (like not taking a break during an exercise) and outside the studio (like having that hour for myself so I could refocus and reenergize for my family, or not go back to work and turn in my notice,  which I eventually did anyways, haha!)

I made a huge leap of faith and brought Neighborhood Barre to Nashville in 2015 and haven't looked back! So real talk. There's lots of ways, and places, you can work out, especially in Nashville. But what keeps me as a barre client - now at my own studios, and for 7 years counting and strong - is more than the latest piece of equipment, or a new move in class. It's the sustainability of our method. I've done class now (1,000+) in my 20's and my 30's, and throughout two pregnancies. I continue to feel a change in my body in every class, and know I can and will be doing barre well into my 70's (like other women in class).

And at Neighborhood Barre, it's also about the community of the women who make up the studio. They miss you when you're not in class; they talk to you about mom or work life; they customize your class experience so you can do a different version of plank and not feel like the elephant in the room. If you're looking for a quick aesthetic fix, this probably isn't the place for you. We're here to change your outlook on fitness, and to help you realize realize that what provides consistent, long-term results are approachable classes; a network of women who support you and make you actually want to show up; and a studio that you can call home for years to come. Welcome to the Neighborhood :)
Meet Us At The Barre

Our environment is laid back, our classes are taken at your own pace, and our instructors are approachable women who are passionate about our studio and your class experience. We're just like you, and we love coaching you to help you feel your personal best!​​

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