Shake. Sculpt. Change.

Hey! Let's get acquainted​.

We're your local exercise studio with a neighborhood feel. We want you to show up and feel like you could ask to borrow a pair of grippy socks, much like you would borrow a cup of sugar. We know you here, you are welcome here, you are wanted here.

Welcome to the Neighborhood!

Hey Friend!

 ​​​​​​Hi I’m Kelly! I’m a mom of two, a wife to another small business owner, a pursuer of sweat and shaky muscles, and can usually be found trying the latest health fad (like kombucha, adaptagens, and collagen peptides to name a current few.)

I enjoy a daily dose of Starbucks (venti dark roast, with peptides of course); love to test recipes from my favorite Instagram bloggers (@llbalanced is my current obsession); indulging at the newest Nashville restaurants with my husband Victor (last date was Marsh House, check out the rooftop bar!); and playing referee between my son Knox and daughter Nola (yes, they're both named after cities near and dear to our hearts).

Let's hang out at the barre together!

It Takes a Neighborhood

We're not a big box operation. We're a tight-knit community that knows you. You'll be surrounded by like-minded women that choose to celebrate physical strength, mental balance, and individuality - not numbers, sizes, and comparison.​

This is real life - your kid can show up in pajamas and barefoot so you can make it to class. Forgot your gym bag? Take class in your work clothes if you have to - there's no dress code here. Nashville traffic trying to ruin your plans again? Call us before class and we'll get your mat set up for you.

If you're game, we're game.  Getting here is seriously the only thing that matters. ​
Meet Me At The Barre

Our environment is laid back, our classes are taken at your own pace, and our instructors are approachable women who are passionate about our studio and your class experience. We're just like you, and we love coaching you to help you feel your personal best!​​

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